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Strategic Planning


Credit unions are at a crossroads and the credit union space will look a lot different in 2020 than it does today.  Rapidly evolving payment systems, alternative financial products and non-traditional providers are creating disruptions that will change member preferences and define who survives and who will not.


A formal strategic and tactical plan is a necessity to survive in this market. It is also one of the first things that will be reviewed when the credit union is examined by the regulators.


Why us?


Results - we understand credit unions and will help your team establish a clearly defined strategic direction. Facilitation is based on diverse experience working with successful credit unions across the country. This diversity is beneficial when discussing strategic options. Our clients are among the fastest growing and most profitable in the country.


Affordable fees – Our focus is on mid-sized and smaller credit unions. Facilitation fees are based on asset size and format of the planning session.


Each planning session is customized based on the specific needs of the credit union and includes the aggregated results from the strategic planning meeting, providing a working document to the credit union.

2016 Strategic Planning Conference with our friends at Hawaii First Federal Credit Union

Tactical Planning

With limited resources, many credit unions are challenged to translate strategic priorities into actionable tactical plans. We help management teams develop specific tactical plans to support strategic priorities.

Loan Growth Plans – this process begins with a review for potential improved efficiencies, selling opportunities and product improvements. Once internal opportunities have been addressed, external loan growth opportunities are considered that include improved differentiation, target markets, product development, pricing and competition.

Membership Growth Plans – we work with the credit union team to identify the area competition, product offering, differentiation, target market and field of membership opportunities to determine an actionable plan to pursue membership growth.

Capital Restoration Plans – we help credit unions who are getting uncomfortably close to their capitalization requirements, as well as, those who have fallen below. Plans are built around expense control and revenue growth strategies. Examiner mandated net worth restorations plans are created in the approved format with required financial projections. This is a rewarding part of our work as nearly all plans are approved by examiners and result in the desired net worth restoration.

2016 Lower Valley Credit Union team recognized with the CUNA Excellence in Lending Award