Your Credit Union Partner

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What we believe and why it’s important

At Your Credit Union Partner (YCUP), we passionately believe credit unions are relevant financial alternatives to the members and communities they serve. We exist to help credit union leaders identify practical and effective solutions to support growth, revenue, impact and relevance.

Clarity of purpose and executing the best strategies have never been more important. Today’s environment is very competitive and disruptive. Credit union leaders are challenged to think strategically and consider how they will thrive in a market that looks very different from today's and they must consider which capabilities to focus on to be successful across many potential scenarios. We help credit unions identify and focus on the best strategic priorities. 

How we help and what we do

Your Credit Union Partner was founded in 2010. Today, YCUP is the trusted adviser to more than 120 credit unions across the United States. We understand the challenges credit unions face and have real-world expertise and commitment to find the best solutions. Many of our clients are widely considered national best practices for growth, revenue and member impact.

To support greater credit union success and relevance - we promote solutions that differentiate credit unions well beyond “better rates, lower fees and quality service”.

  • We guide credit unions through the strategic and business planning process. 
  • We guide teams in the tactical development of unique business plans focused on loan, member and revenue growth. 
  • We are widely known and respected for our community development expertise. We help credit unions increase and improve their service to under-served lower-income, credit-challenged and minority consumers. 
  • We provide knowledgeable and passionate training for credit union teams and trade associations. 

We help credit unions maximize impact for their organization, their members and the communities they serve. Our clients and friends consider us their partner, viewing us as an informal extension of their management team. Commitment to our client’s success extends well beyond the contract period.

Below are a few fun facts from our 2016 Strategic Planning Season

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