Your Credit Union Partner

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Who I am

I've been dedicated to the credit union movement since 1985 and have been blessed to work for several outstanding credit unions. Three years ago, I started a consulting business focused exclusively on serving small to mid-size credit unions.  Today, I am the trusted advisor to more than 45 credit unions across the United States.

What I do

I provide affordable access to the expertise and resources that credit unions need. Most of my clients consider me an extension of their management team.


My services include:


Why I do it

It’s simple: for me, credit union values are a way of life. 


Credit union pioneer, Roy Bergengren summed it up best when he declared; “The real job of a credit union is to prove, in modest measure, the practicality of the brotherhood of man.”


The greatest need in the movement today is affordable support and resources for smaller credit unions. Small and mid-sized credit unions face challenges that larger credit unions don’t. Operational, competitive and compliance pressures remain as the biggest obstacles to success.